Monday, February 17, 2020

Clothes Distribution to poor

Share2care Foundation distributed clothes to poor at Rain Basera, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi on 14-January-2020

Distribution to Patients of different categories 
Happiest Boy, having a good pair of Shoes

Sunday, September 29, 2019

TREE PLANTATION at Murad Nagar on 28-Sep-2019

Trees are very important for human life as trees give health benefits, environmental protection, boost wildlife, strengthen communities, enhance the economy and protect the future. 

Accordingly, A TREE PLANTATION program was organised at Jeevan Asha Hospital, on 28-Sep-2019, in association with Jeevan Asha Hospital. Amongst others, it was also attended by Ex. Managing Director (U.P. Jal Nigam), Shri Anil Srivastava. Participants were ranging from 75+ yrs to 5 yrs.

Glimps of the programs --

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Blood Donation Camp at RajNagar Extension, Ghaziabad

Share2care Foundation organized Blood Donation Camp jointly with MMG Hospital, Ghaziabad on 28-Jul-2019 at MAIA MARVEL, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad. According to the American Red Cross, one blood donation can save as many as three lives. Dr. Vinod, MMG Hospital during the camp highlighted that donating Blood doesn’t just benefit recipient only, the donor has benefit for his/her emotional and physical health, as well.  
Residents of MAIA MARVEL and neighborhood participated wholeheartedly for donating blood. There were more than 40 donors which included many first time donors. Many women and Senior citizens also came forward for donation but could not get the opportunity as a few women had low hemoglobin and senior citizen were restricted due to age.  
Share2care Foundation shall continue serving the society with such camps in the future also.

Dr. Vinod leading the team of MMG Hospital - First Donor

Mrs Divya and Mrs Soma
Share2care Foundation volunteers in action 
First Donor - Mr Saket 
Share2care Founders with MMG Hospital team 
First two donors receiving the certificates and Third one donating blood
Donation in progress 

Team Share2care Foundation witnessing the donation by Team member - Mr Aasif
Team Share2care Foundation
For a video on Blood donation at our U-tube channel, pl. visit -

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Women Empowerment

To give women the confidence to live a meaningful and purposeful life is called Women Empowerment in the right earnest. Empowering women will give them authority to make decisions with respect to their life and work area. In many walks of life women all over the world are moving with men. While ending their reliance on others, it is an effort to make them strong in their own right.
Benefits of Women Empowerment -
• Enhancement in their self-esteem.
• Get own identity.
• Financially self-dependent.
• Successfully achieving respectable position in the Society.
• Better contributions to the welfare of society.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Our concept

1. Our mission – Improve the quality of life of needy, by extending support for resolving issues causing stress, depression, isolation etc, which may be due to insufficient resources or economic hardship.

2. For whom, we are working – As it is known that not everyone on the earth is bestowed with all the happiness that life has to offer. Anyone, sufferer & struggling with challenges of life can approach us for resolving the issues by experts in their respective field, utilising online facilities at our website We shall be change agents in the lives of the individuals, families and communities by utilizing variety of skills, techniques, and activities consistent with focus on the person and the surroundings/environment.

3. What we do - We are extending consultation, expert’s guidance & support by making it easily accessible & very affordable, which is in the interest of people to enable them for dealing with personal, social, educational, legal, and other issues.
The field of Social Service is expanding day by day. We attempt to relieve and prevent hardship and suffering of individuals, families, groups and communities through operation of appropriate services and by contributing to social planning.

4. Who we are - We are group of professionals, having a wish to help the Society. Our aim is to make life stress free for each one.